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We love Vancouver. Vancouver is culturally diverse and one of the most beautiful places to experience on the planet. City Box will showcase the true spirit of Vancouver through your products or experiences that make our city truly the greatest on the planet. Curated by Daily Hive.

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What's In
The Box?

With over 10 years of keeping Vancouver on top of current trends, we’ve included our favourites into this box to give you a chance to experience everything at once!

  • Tofino Towels

    Unique luxury textiles in Tofino, BC.

    The Originators of the Canadian West Coast Round Towel. Designed in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Skoah

    Plant Based Skincare

    Since 2003, Skoah has created plant based skincare in BC. Designed with purpose and created with care, using exceptional quality ingredients.

  • Herbaland

    Gummies made with love

    Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer exporting more than 40 million bottles a year

  • Fern & Petal

    Home, Bath & Aromatherapy

    Fern & Petal was born out of the difficult search to find high-quality, all-natural products that were made locally. We're a small, family-run business that puts quality first.

  • Reckless Bikes

    Rent a Bike

    Reckless Bike Stores’ first retail store opened its doors in 1986. Today in Vancouver, our four stores continue the tradition of exceptional service and quality work.

  • Laid Back Snacks

    Healthy Snacks

    Laid Back Snacks is about more than just our products. We’re about celebrating delicious food with friends and family, living a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Beachcomber Coffee

    Serving up more than just coffee!

    It's not just a coffee, it's a lifestyle...We're a craft coffee company serving those Sunshine Coast Vibes from our two locations on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

  • Wake Water

    Caffeinated Sparkling Water

    Wakewater is canada’s first sugar and sweetener free caffeinated sparkling water.

  • Sheraton Wall Centre

    Vancouver's Landmark Hotel

    One Wall Centre is a landmark in downtown Vancouver, this iconic hotel has amazing views of the city.

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Every item in the City Box rooted in Vancouver. Many of our partners featured in the City Box have generously offered promo codes, and we’d love to see you support them. Shop local, live local, and show our city some love.

  • Tofino Towel
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  • Skoah
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  • Herbaland
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  • Fern & Petal
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  • Reckless Bikes
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  • Laid Back Snacks
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  • Beachcomber Coffee
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  • Wake Water
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  • Sheraton Wall Centre
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the City Box?

The City Box is a curated combination of the best our home has to offer. From makers & creators to iconic experiences, there’s something for everyone.

What's inside the City Box?

Exciting, exclusive experiences designed to show you the best of Vancouver. Each vendor on our site has contributed at least one item, but you can also expect a few surprises!

How much is the City Box?

Filled with amazing products from some of the 604's favourite brands, the City Box retails for $160 CAD and includes over $450 worth of incredible finds.

How will I know if this box is right for me?

With experiences designed for Vancouver, local residents will get the most out of the City Box. But with curated goods from Vancouver’s best local brands and artisans, the box is a must-have for anyone looking for a flight-free trip to the West Coast.

Will taxes be applied to my purchase?

Yes. At checkout residents of Canada will be charged the corresponding tax to their shipping address: GST / PST / HST / QST. Non-Canadian residents will not be charged tax, but may be subject to sales tax in their local jurisdiction.

How do I get a box?

Numbers are limited. To get a box, you need to register for our lottery. If you're chosen, you'll have 24 hours to purchase the box before it goes to someone else.

Can I purchase more than one box?

The City Box has limited available quantities. As this is a lottery system, we will only be able to offer one per customer. Once you sign up, you'll be in the list if we decide to offer City Box in the future!

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

As the City Box will ship within a short period of time, we will not be accepting any refunds and/or cancellations. All payments are final and non-refundable.

What about shipping?

We ship anywhere in Canada & the U.S. and do not charge for shipping, however, any additional costs (i.e. customs, duties, other taxes) outside of Canada are not included. You are reesponsible to pay any taxes related to the location you live. We reserve the right to charge you for any taxes we believe are required to pay or collect related to your purchase.

2020 Winter Box Recap

  • Herschel Supply Co.

    Large Backpack

    Founded in 2009, Herschel has become one of Vancouver's most loved and iconic, worldwide brands.

  • The Adventure Group

    Multimedia Night Walk

    Experience Whistler like you never have before, The Adventure Group has a variety of exciting activities for all ages.

  • Shangri-la Hotel

    Luxury Staycation

    Shangri-La is one of Vancouver's most renowned luxury hotels, offering high-level comfort and personalied services just like home.

  • Fern & Petal

    Ceramic Diffuser + Oil

    Founded in 2018, Fern & Petal is Vancouver and Canada's favourite small, family-run aromatherapy company.

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